Is Your Agent Focused?  

Have you even checked?   

Maybe your agent is focused on selling your home but did he or she take time to actually focus the camera that took your photos now plastered all over the globe.  Bad photos are a pet peeve of mine.  In today's internet based home searching, photographs are more important than ever if you hope to get a buyer interested in you home.  Don't think things are that bad?  Let me give you some examples:

Blurred Beyond Recognition

I found this gem when a homeowner contacted me for an estimated value of his home.  He said he currently had it listed but just wanted to check.  I told him his agent should have done the analysis when he listed it.  I took it that he was just curious for a second opinion.  So, I looked it up in the MLS and saw why he might have some concerns about his agent.  This one is almost blurred beyond recognition.

Yard Sale?

Here's another one from the same listing.  Its in focus but it's not focused on anything that would make a buyer want to see more.  This is a good shot if your advertising the Yard Sale next Saturday but propbably isn't the best shot of the closet that I think the photographer was going for. If a shot of the closet is necessary, try removing 80% of whats in it so you can actually see the closet.  I think this may even be a walk in but the picture doesn't really show it and is probably doing more harm than good.

Room seems a little darkThis is from a different listing in our MLS.  It's a pretty good shot if the house across the street is the one for sale.  Now, you may think this is what the photographer was going for.  Maybe the photographer is trying to highlight the neighborhood and great views with this one while showing the room from a different angle.  Nope.  There were three photos of this room and all of them were this same shot.

Take a quick look at the pictures your agent is using to market your property and you'll get a good idea of how your agent views your home.  

I realize we're not all professional photographers but if your agent is using photographs like these to market your property, it might be time to have a chat with him or her and tell them to focus.  If they can't, it might be time to find one that can.

So, is your agent focused?